We are a collective of Australian freedom movement patriot groups unified by our common goals for the peaceful reclamation of our precious homeland, Australia. 

Working together as a centralised and cohesive community, ANCOP enables connection, the sharing of ideas, resources and collective action taking. Through better organising and activating our aims and objectives, we create a greater ripple effect of awareness and change, for the betterment of Australia.

We adopt an empowered, informed, educated, and rational decision-making process, achieved through weekly meetings, forums, and chat rooms. This ensures an active membership base while enabling a seamless and orchestrated approach to achieving our goals nationally.

ANCOP community network


For the betterment of Australia

ANCOP embodies the spirit of ‘Applied Unity,’ striving to be the nexus for Australia’s freedom movement, a sanctuary where voices unite for liberty, sovereignty, and security.

Our mission is pivotal: to be the central beacon that connects and amplifies the collaborative efforts of all freedom and patriot groups nationwide. Through ANCOP Social—a safe and secure platform exclusive to our members—we share wisdom, strategies, and resources, empowering each other to shape a peacefully aligned, empowered, and free Australia.

Our Six Point Mission Plan is our compass, guiding us towards tangible change and the realization of a fair, unified, and sovereign nation.

Join us, be part of this transformative journey, and contribute to the betterment of Australia.

Our Purpose

At the heart of ANCOP lies a resolute purpose, a clear vision, and an unwavering mission.
—These are the pillars that define what we stand for-
We are more than an organization; we are a movement, a collective force striving for an Australia where advocacy leads to empowerment, where inclusivity reigns over exclusivity, and where economic independence is a reality for all.

Our path to this ambitious destination is paved with the robust networking of passionate individuals, the relentless pursuit of reformation, and the construction of parallel economies that thrive alongside mainstream systems.

Each step we take is a stride towards a future where our united efforts culminate in the freedom and sovereignty we all aspire to achieve. Together, we forge ahead, empowered by our shared vision and bound by the common thread of change.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a unified collective of all freedom and patriot groups under the ANCOP platform, working together in unison supporting and sharing ideas, concepts and knowledge through our networks, as we work together, to achieve a peacefully aligned, empowered and free Australia for the ultimate achievement of liberty, sovereignty and security for all Australians and our great nation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lead the way as the centralised network uniting all freedom movement groups across Australia from which we unite to foster ideas, share knowledge, resources, build strategies and activate initiatives. Through honing our focus we will bolster and strengthen the collective, creating tangible opportunities to peacefully achieve an aligned, unified, free, fair and sovereign Australia, for the betterment of all Australians.

Six Point Mission Plan

Our Six-Point Mission Plan has been developed to reflect our primary principle of ‘Applied Unity’: sharing ideas, knowledge, and visions to collaborate, unify and take practical, cohesive action. We will achieve this by using ANCOP Social, our Members’ only safe and secure communications platform.

Join ANCOP Social

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